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Woman of Words

My Drum, My Beat, My Reality

This was my first “Woman of Words” series painting. I had never really spoken in my true voice before; rather I always followed the path laid out by parents, teachers, bosses, etc. When I placed my brush onto the canvas, my whole world changed.

In a flash I knew I had the approval and encouragement to exist in my own unique way. I knew that NOW is my time to be true to my heart and follow my drum, my beat, my reality.

I feel reborn.

Don’t listen for my drum. It exists only for me!
The beat I follow unknown to others…
A steady cacophony beats in my head….
My drum, my beat, my reality.

Why Be Normal?

For years, I tried to squeeze myself into a role—student, wife, boss, worker, mother, manager. Why Be Normal? helped me discover and value, my voice.

With this piece, I began to explore:

– Are any of us really normal?
– What is normal?
– Is it your idea of me? My idea of you?
– Why be? Why not?
– Is there really a choice?

I Do Nothing All Day

In a busy world, where does one find time for oneself? Where does one find time just to be?

It is lovely to be mindlessly luxuriating in nothingness – floating gently along, filling the space that’s simply waiting to wrap around ones inert body.

I Do Nothing All Day is about the breathing space we each need before becoming lost in everyone else’s wants.


Once You Stop Learning, You Stop Living

The stop sign sets the tone for Once You Stop Learning You Stop Living. The woman is signaling an alarm as well as offering a warning: read, do, go, think, play, laugh, cry, jump, move. The status quo is not an option. Your mind is the gateway to life.

Expand your world.

Grass Is Always Greeener

The proverb, the Grass Is Always Greener, is about how other people’s things look better than your own. So, is it surprising that green is also associated with envy, avarice and greed?

Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes, you have only seen the surface, the topsoil. So don’t let your mind get tangled in the grass.
Enjoy what you have, work for what you want and don’t get caught up thinking about things.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

So “they” say. But a friendship with an inanimate object is not the answer.

Friendship can start with the people you already have in your life. But it’s not one-sided, it takes two people. It’s not about taking; it’s about giving and taking, flowing back and forth. If you are doing all the work, it’s time to move on and draw blood from a different stone.

Life Is a Room Full of Missed Opportunities

A simple, uncluttered piece that leaves plenty of space for the imagination. Who among us does not think, “What if”?

However, if all of life is sunshine and roses, one has to wonder if one has really lived. For along with the good, we surely also have dreams unfulfilled and opportunities missed.

Life is a Room Full…
of Missed Opportunities…

Life’s Too Short to Stand on Ceremony

From Homer to Abraham Lincoln to James Dean, many have tried to complete the thought, “Life’s too short to …”

Life’s Too Short To Stand On Ceremony is a simple, bold painting that reminds you to contemplate the clock that keeps on ticking and gets faster as the years go by. We can’t afford the time to hold on to issues between family and friends. Does standing on ceremony ever make you taller or does it make you smaller?

Talk it out. Work it out.


Choices in all their varieties—yes, no, maybe, maybe not, sometimes, never, always, up, down, correct, wrong, black, white, wonderful, awful, left, right… Shall I continue?


Life is a series of choices…..
pushing and pulling us along its path…..


What is Truth? I see what I want to see. Is that a conscious thought? A wish? Some of each?

Am I wearing rose-colored glasses? If I tell a white lie, is it still the truth? If I twist the truth to save someone’s feelings, is it still the truth? Do I recognize the truth when it’s right in front of me or do I only see the illusion of truth?

TRUTH…an illusion colored by one’s own perception.

Excuse Me a Moment while I Step Outside Myself…

I love this piece. Sometimes I think of Excuse Me A Moment as my “fly on the wall” piece; other times, it’s my “life’s greatest lesson” piece.

No one is always right. Or wrong. I find the most powerful gift I can give myself is to pause, breathe, look at all sides and then make the best decision I can at that moment in time. It may not be the right decision but that is not the point. One needs to give oneself space to look at all sides, err and grow.
Step back. Look behind you. Look beside you. Look up. Look down. That space you just left is empty now. You are now looking at the same situation but seeing it from different perspective.

Life Is a Balance

Life Is A Balance acknowledges the daily ebb & flow / giving & taking / yin & yang. The mask is the “B” in balance and the rest of the word tumbles down the side, representing the risk of swinging too hard in either direction and then falling off the edge.

The middle dividing edge is the fine line that one must walk to keep one’s balance. This is not the same thing as a prescribed path. Balance is a guide we each must practice and learn in order to find our own center.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

This painting shows an updated view of an old-time expression. In I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, the viewer sees the twinkle in the eye, the knowing smile and the funky colored flowers. Are you the messenger or the recipient? Are you a solo traveler or a part of a team? Does it matter?

Life is full of surprise and growth. This painting is about both remembering how interesting the journey has been and becoming curious about what comes next.

What Face Will I Wear Today?

What Face Will I Wear Today? We all have a private place where we store all our masks. Yesterday’s face is used up and lies discarded on the floor.

Today, will you reach for the queenly face reigning high above the others, the face so sad that it’s barely visible except for its tears or the carnival mask?

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?

Artist in the Museum

At a young age, the bug gets you and you begin to use your hands to create. The work you love becomes a passion. You lose yourself in the process. One day you wake up and realize what you have always known. Making art is your life’s work.

Artist In The Museum tells the story of both being inspired by other artists and being recognized in your own right for your work.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Shop ‘Til You Drop captures the best therapy in the world—Shopping!

When you’re feeling down… shop.
When you’re feeling up… shop.
Happy… shop.
Sad… shop.
Any excuse… shop.

Sometimes, we even shop when we actually need something.


Time Flies

In Time Flies, a flying carpet carrying a clock is whizzing across the horizon. The hands on clock are stretched out and collide with the hands of a second clock that is rising vertically. A third clock is just starting its orbit and adds another dimension to the fray.

Concurrently, a figure is tucked into a spaceship that is levitating higher and higher while spinning and churning faster and faster. Her eyes are open wide and her cheeks are flushed as she gets caught up in the air jetty created by the increasing speed.

Time is simply flying—fast and every which way.


Are You Dreaming?

Are You Dreaming explores the fact that sometime dreams do come true. Just like that.

Enjoy it.

Follow Your Heart to Realize Your Dreams

While your head knows how to add, subtract, judge and figure, it is your heart that is the pathway to your soul.

In Follow Your Heart To Realize Your Dreams, the pathway is about movement and motion; it’s about tears and sunshine, it’s about the heart knowing what the head can’t figure out.

The Devil Made Me Eat It

Food is the nemesis of many in the privileged world. We couldn’t possibly be responsible for choosing to fill ourselves up with junk, could we?

It’s easier to blame someone or something else. In this case the devil takes the blame. That’s why you’ll find the devil’s hands and tail tucked into the edge of the painting.

The Devil Made Me Eat It represents more than just food. It is also about how we make excuses for the guilty pleasures of life. Are we sidestepping the issue by focusing on: how much?, with what? and who’s at fault?

One Door Closes, Another Flamingoes Open

Once a door is closed, it stays closed and barred. The message is clear; going back is “no longer an option.”

She sees a flamingo marking a new door and she jumps off the steps in a leap of faith because as One Door Closes Another Flamingoes Open.

The new door is just a hint of possibilities at this moment and the flamingo is a symbol for whatever or whomever it takes to open the door to move you to the next…?

There is always new door you can open, if you just take the leap.

Closed: no longer an option.

Good Health, Good Food

Good Health Good Food tells the story of our bodies craving good food—from fruit to produce to fish.

Many of us are lucky enough to live in a place and time of abundant variety.

But, there is also a snake whispering in her ear. What could it be about? Do you hear the whispering inside your head?

Riotous Color

Follow your path to find the things that fill your dreams, your heart and soul with joy. My life is filled with color, my home, my clothes, my art and my world. Find the Riotous Color in your life!

Woman of Words



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