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Woman of Words

My Drum, My Beat, My Reality

This was my first “Woman of Words” series painting. I had never really spoken in my true voice before; rather I always followed the path laid out by parents, teachers, bosses, etc. When I placed my brush onto the canvas, my whole world changed.

In a flash I knew I had the approval and encouragement to exist in my own unique way. I knew that NOW is my time to be true to my heart and follow my drum, my beat, my reality.

I feel reborn.

Don’t listen for my drum. It exists only for me!
The beat I follow unknown to others…
A steady cacophony beats in my head….
My drum, my beat, my reality.

Why Be Normal?

For years, I tried to squeeze myself into a role—student, wife, boss, worker, mother, manager. Why Be Normal? helped me discover and value, my voice.

With this piece, I began to explore:

– Are any of us really normal?
– What is normal?
– Is it your idea of me? My idea of you?
– Why be? Why not?
– Is there really a choice?

I Do Nothing All Day

In a busy world, where does one find time for oneself? Where does one find time just to be?

It is lovely to be mindlessly luxuriating in nothingness – floating gently along, filling the space that’s simply waiting to wrap around ones inert body.

I Do Nothing All Day is about the breathing space we each need before becoming lost in everyone else’s wants.


Once You Stop Learning, You Stop Living

The stop sign sets the tone for Once You Stop Learning You Stop Living. The woman is signaling an alarm as well as offering a warning: read, do, go, think, play, laugh, cry, jump, move. The status quo is not an option. Your mind is the gateway to life.

Expand your world.

Grass Is Always Greener

The proverb, the Grass Is Always Greener, is about how other people’s things look better than your own. So, is it surprising that green is also associated with envy, avarice and greed?

Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes, you have only seen the surface, the topsoil. So don’t let your mind get tangled in the grass.
Enjoy what you have, work for what you want and don’t get caught up thinking about things.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

So “they” say. But a friendship with an inanimate object is not the answer.

Friendship can start with the people you already have in your life. But it’s not one-sided, it takes two people. It’s not about taking; it’s about giving and taking, flowing back and forth. If you are doing all the work, it’s time to move on and draw blood from a different stone.