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Heavenly Bodies

American Sunrise

I have been deeply affected by the strife in our country. As a personal response to the divisive political atmosphere, I painted the disintegrating fabric of our country. The eagle eyes overlook the whole scene, the flag shows the wear and tear of all we all have gone through. The sun and the moon each choose to have half of a whole rather than work together and share the sky. But a new day is dawning. It is the hope for the future that keeps us going. It is AMERICAN SUNRISE.

Good Night Moon, Good Morning Sunshine

The sun and the moon are two hard-working celestial bodies. As the earth revolves around the sun, the motion gives us the seasons. Winter is when the angle of the sun is most oblique. The moon affects the tides. The sun and moon work together and both change the spin of the earth. My sun and moon are shown with the sun growing the flowers and the moon controlling the tides. Enjoy!

Forever Friends/Moon and Sun

I have always been drawn to the sun and moon. They are timeless, consistent, available, free. They are Forever Friends / Moon And Sun. People come and go, feelings change and places shift. I gather strength, comfort, balance, hope and awe from the pair’s eternal presence.

Quilt of Dreams

As a young child, I was tucked in with a handmade quilt as my parent would tell me, “Pleasant dreams.” I would sometimes say I was going to “catch a falling star.” The title was originally Catch A Falling Star, but as I painted and reminisced, it became Quilt Of Dreams.

Heavenly Bodies



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