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Escape #1

In Escape #1, you are squashed into a clear jar. You feel the thick cool glass with your hands and feet, the lid with your head. There is no way out, no way in, no future. You are alone. You can’t be heard and no one appears to see you. Pain and sadness is all you know.

Escape #4

The jar has lost all its power in Escape #4. In fact, you now hold the jar in your hand and the shelf that held the jar is broken. You have all your power back. You can stretch and move freely. Your self is reclaimed. “FREEDOM IS MINE,”you shout from the rooftops. Do not waste that freedom. Make it worthwhile.

Escape #3

In Escape #3, the canvas is painted white. This is where the story becomes yours. How did you escape? What is your nemesis? When you are in its grip was it like being trapped? Was “it” a jar? Box? School? House? Job? Relationship? Health? Persona? Is it past or present? How did you get out? What did you and do you feel like? Is there a lesson? Please share your story. Click the Contact tab above.

Escape #2

You begin to imagine that the impossible can become possible in Escape #2. And with that idea, comes options. You manage to turn, first just a little bit and then more. You struggle and push and test every surface, every angle, every opportunity. Finally, you feel a tiny bit of movement in the lid and you experience a moment of hope. You draw all your strength — from your shoulders to your back to your torso up through your thighs and into your legs. You give it all you got and with all your might, the top is popped off.