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Babylonian Voices

Babylonian Voices #1

was the first in the series. In this painting, the world is made up of one family. We don’t look, act or think alike. Our worship practices are different. Our morals and mores are different. But under the skin of each of us beats the same heart. It is our hearts that tie us together and bind our different voices—cross time and culture. The family in this painting is cohesive – joined to together by their touching squares. The circles within the squares represent the voices that softly sing out to one another, each ringing with the harmonious sounds of family and love. This is the beginning of a new world; one where we all accept each other and work together.

Babylonian Voices #2

The extended world family that had gathered, shared one voice and built a great tower together is now changing in Babylonian Voices #2.

The tower has tipped. The squares that previously lived together harmoniously are falling and changing. The circles that represent the individual voices get bigger, louder and further apart; they morph, twirl and spread out until they cover the four corners of the earth.

The world is no longer the same. Connections are broken.

Babylonian Voices #3

There is minimal order and cohesion, neither black (emptiness and the absence of everything) nor white (the presence of every possibility) in this world.

Everyone is struggling to make a place for themselves. There is not even time for bickering. Everyone is acting independently, trying to survive and find his and her own way; barely recognizing the ancient bonds of family or tribe.

The whole world is topsy turvy.

Babylonian Voices #4

shows how the world now has areas of stress. This tension shows itself in the black that is reappearing.

No longer satisfied with their/our place in the world, the jockeying has begun.

The need of the individual to be the best, own the most, have the power and control the others has emerged.

Babylonian Voices #5

We all share responsibility for what comes next. What do you want? Are you willing to speak out? Do you share the Babylonian dream of a world working together? Can you imagine a new way? Can we influence what happens next?

Babylonian Voices



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