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A Secret Passage Way

The ongoing Facebook project ‘A Secret Passage Way’ has been published with more than 50 photographs spanning the world and it is quite wonderful ~ if I may say so. All our success!

Late last night we finished posting the digital exhibition of ‘A Secret Passage Way’ on BerkshireFineArts. (BFA) It is there today in first position under articles and will rotate with others in the project space on the home page. It can quickly be accessed under Projects, where it will remain.

Now, the second FaceBook page also named Astrid A. Hiemer will also remain dedicated to the passages project. As I wrote in the introduction to the photo exhibition, several photos still have to be reposted to FB, because they ‘disappeared.’ I realized that fact, while searching my FB-pages and will do so asap. First things, first!
There may be small changes that some of you may ask for. I was not sure of all the countries in which participants live/work.
So, let us all celebrate! It has been a truly enriching four months, while the project grew and we had many email, FB, or personal exchanges and conversations about the project, art and life in general.

Here now the direct link to the BFA article/project:
~ Astrid Heimer